Testimonials and Reviews

“We have tested this product in all our TurboChef speed ovens and are recommending it as a replacement for parchment paper”

- Carol McMullin
Research & Development Manager and Corporate Chef

“I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed using the baking sheets supplied by your company. I use them for baking Parmesan cheese into little snack cheese crisps. I had formerly used parchment paper sprayed generously with cooking spray. It was somewhat messy not to mention unreliable. The cooking sheets allow the cheese to bake evenly without any added oil. They are easy, clean, and seemingly indestructible. I have used the same set continuously (in a commercial setting), for about the past year, and they still work great.”

- Tom Jones
Whole Foods Market

“I chose the perfect cookie recipe to experiment with this wonderful baking sheet, I think it was a fair test in that I was looking for a complete balance of the baked product and achieved my goal.

The baking sheet is light weight, like paper. It does not retain heat, yet bakes every item in the pan to perfection. Home bakers will love the smoothness of sliding the untouched cookies from the baking sheet to the counter top without movement of the cookies. No spatula is needed. When I was finished, I used mild dish soup to wash it, and I rinsed it with clear water. A great benefit this liner has is storage. The sheet can be rolled up and placed in a drawer for convenient storage.”

- Chef Lea
Dallas, Texas

“I used the TFX Non-Stick! baking sheets this weekend while making 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies. I was so thrilled with the sheet that I am running out now to buy 4 more. I may even get more than that to use for gifts. The cookies baked perfectly and just slid right off the sheets. No clean up necessary between batches, and the final clean up was a breeze. I wiped it with a damp paper towel and dried it off. Then put it back in the box so use next time. I have used another, more expensive (from France) product before but this one was much easier to clean. Thank you for coming up with such a great item!’

- Shelly W.
Dallas, Texas



Plate Fodder – A Food Blog

“All – in – all, I’m extremely impressed with the performance of the baking sheet. And, at around $10 it’s hard to beat for care-free baking and cooking.”

Makeover Momma

“It was created so that all surfaces in your kitchen could become “non-stick” (and since it’s reusable, it can be used in tons of different ways too). It can replace your usual parchment paper, baking mat, oil or butter, cooking sprays and foil (so since you’re not using all of these materials, you’re also helping the environment and saving calories). You can use it in glass bowls in the oven (so you don’t have to do dishes later), directly on the oven to make pizza or bread, or even in the bottom of your oven to catch any yucky spills you don’t want to clean later.”

Parent Tested Parent Approved

- “This is a fantastic way to cook oil free. Nothing and I mean nothing stuck to this, from Maple Salmon to roasted potatoes everything literally – slid off. Great healthy way to cook!”

- “Every Mom or Dad who is sick of scrubbing their pans must get the TFX Non Stick! It works and is the best non stick solution I have ever used!”

- “I love this product! no more parchment paper for us! we are buying a few more of these! We would recommend it to anyone, and already have :) ”

- “I HATE trying to clean stuff off of pans after cooking and this was simply amazing! No more scrubbing those tough stuck on foods from my pans and skillets. Food easily sift right off the TFX Non Stick Sheets making for quick, easy and effortless clean-up. As a busy mom, that is something that is extremely important to me!”

Toronto 4 Kids

“The TFX Non-Stick Sheet 
is the recipient of a 2011 PTPA Media Award. PTPA provides an objective means to discover, appraise and promote new products designed to enrich family living. The PTPA Winner’s Seal is credible evidence to consumers and retailers that their product is exceptional.”

Simply Stacie

“TFX Non-Stick baking sheet is my newest and neatest kitchen “weapon” that replaces foils, parchment paper and oven liners.


It was very easy to bake these biscotti using TFX baking sheets, because I didn’t have to deal with the hassle of removing the parchment paper and then replacing it again to re-bake the biscotti. After baking the biscotti, I wiped the sheets with a wet cloth and the baking sheet is good as new.”

Equal Opportunity Kitchen

“It’s not often that I’ll endorse a product with such passion – this one is a winner. It’s so light weight that ordering it online is a no brainer and worth it!!! Psychgrad, you may like this one but trust me, you’re not getting your hands on mine – order your own :) .


“This is an AWESOME way to cook oil free. Everything I tested on this never stuck ONCE. I was amazed. It is reusable, so it can be used tons of different ways. You can cook with it, wash it, then turn around and bake some delicious cookies after supper. ;)