Frequently Asked Questions


Is TFX NonStick! FDA approved?

- Yes TFX NonStick! is FDA approved. All TFX NonStick! Products are approved for commercial and consumer cooking and baking.

What is TFX NonStick! made of?
- TFX NonStick! is made out of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene). PTFE has several applications, one of the lowest coefficients of friction against any solid and is very non reactive. It is commonly used for nonstick coating. 

Teflon® is a brand of PTFE that is owned and trademarked by DuPont. Our products are NOT produced by DuPont and therefore are NOT Teflon®.

Is TFX NonStick! BPA and PFOA free?
- Yes, TFX NonStick! is BPA (Bisphenol-A) free and PFOA free (Perfluorooctanoic Acid).

Is PTFE safe to use?
- TFX NonStick! is FDA approved for commercial and consumer applications. This type of material has been used by countless restaurants, bakeries and numerous other commercial food producers for several decades. The health authorities in the USA, Canada, France, Japan and other countries have approved the use of PTFE in cookware and medical devices. PTFE does not react chemically on contact with food, water or detergents. PTFE is widely used in the medical field for devices which will remain in the patent due to the low friction coefficient (nonstick) and non-toxicity (harmlessness to humans) of the material.

Previous concerns with Teflon® (PTFE) originated with the use of PFOA which migrated into the food under extreme conditions. PFOA was once used in the industry by companies such as DuPont to produce Teflon. Although no definitive link was established between PFOA and adverse effects on humans, federal regulations required that the use of PFOA be discontinued. TFX NonStick! products have NEVER used PFOA in the production of PTFE.

Rules for Usage

What is the maximum recommended temperature for TFX NonStick! use?
- TFX NonStick! can be used at temperatures up to 500 Fahrenheit. TFX NonStick! products should not come in contact with open flame.

Can I use a knife on the TFX NonStick! sheets?
- No, using a knife will likely result in cutting through the product. The TFX NonStick! products are not to be used as a cutting board tool. If you wish to cut your TFX NonStick!  to a desired size or shape please carefully use scissors.

Can I use TFX NonStick! on a grill?
- No, we do not recommend that you place a TFX NonStick! on a grill. The flames can reach temperatures that are higher than the recommended 500 Fahrenheit. Direct contact with flames is prohibited.

What type of kitchen utensils should I use with my TFX NonStick! products?
- We recommend either plastic or wooden utensils. Avoid sharp utensils as they will scratch the non stick surface. Metal utensils can be used but will reduce the life of the product.

Is TFX NonStick! Microwave safe?
- Yes, TFX NonStick! can be used in the microwave and in convection ovens.

Comparison to Other Nonstick Products

Is TFX NonStick! cheaper to use than parchment paper, foils and silicon baking products?
- Yes, with repeated use TFX NonStick!  is less expensive to use than parchment paper and aluminum foils. Parchment paper and aluminum foil need to be disposed of after each use, while you can reuse TFX NonStick! over and over again. TFX NonStick! baking and cooking sheets average less than 1 cent per use. 

TFX NonStick! is less expensive than the average silicon baking product.

What is the difference between TFX NonStick! and a silicone baking mat?
- Silicone baking mats can retain taste and smell. Butter and oil cannot be used with silicone mats. It is not recommended to wash silicone baking mats with soap, as it will affect the life expectancy of the product. Silicon products cannot be washed in the dishwasher. Silicon mats are not flexible enough to be used on any surfaces that are not flat. They cannot be cut to fit your favorite bakeware or cookware. TFX NonStick! does not have any of these characteristics.

For a more in-depth information read the Difference between TFX NonStick! and Silicone baking mats article on our blog.

What is the difference between TFX NonStick! compared to other PTFE based products?
- TFX NonStick! is the highest quality brand on the market. TFX NonStick! products are coated 5 times with the highest quality coating. The production method and material used to produce TFX NonStick! products are unmatched. TFX NonStick! products are developed and produced in Sweden. There are several nonstick products on the market, however, the quality of the material and production process is substantially less than TFX NonStick! products. The lower quality products will not allow both commercial and home users to use 1,000+ times. 

TFX NonStick! products have been trusted by commercial bakeries and restaurants around the world for nearly two decades. 

TFX NonStick! Product Usage

Will TFX NonStick! change cooking and baking times?
- No, since TFX Nonstick! is so thin, it has no impact on cooking and baking times. Your food will bake or cook in the same time as using parchment paper, nonstick agents or cooking or baking directly on your kitchenware. The only difference is improved food presentation!

Will TFX NonStick! help me improve food presentation?
- Yes! The superior nonstick surface of the TFX NonStick! product line allows food to slide right off. TFX Nonstick! allows you to remove fish, cookies, pastries, etc. without damage.  If you need a nonstick work surface for rolling out dough or fondant, the TFX NonStick! Baking Mat is an excellent option.

When is it time to replace my TFX NonStick! product?
- When food starts to stick, it is time to replace your TFX NonStick! product. TFX NonStick! products can be used about 1,000+ times.  

My TFX NonStick! products have shifted in color. Does that mean that it is time to replace it?
- No, brown TFX NonStick! products tend to shift in color when heated. Discoloration is normal over prolonged usage, but does not affect the performance of the product.

Can I use both sides of my TFX NonStick! product?
-Yes, you can reverse and use either side of the nonstick products. TFX NonStick! products are the same on both sides with the exception of the TFX NonStick! Baking Mat. Please be advised that the TFX NonStick! Baking Board is only non stick on one surface. The silicone surface is used to hold the product in place. 

Storage and Cleaning

How should I store my TFX NonStick! product?
- After use and cleaning of your TFX NonStick! product you can either store flat or rolled. The thin flexible material of TFX NonStick! allows you to easily roll the product and place it back in the box or store flat in your cabinet.

What is the best way to clean the TFX NonStick! products?
- The best way to quickly clean a TFX NonStick! product is to either wipe it with a damp cloth (with or without soap) or simply, place it in the dishwasher.

Is TFX NonStick! dishwasher safe?
- Yes, TFX NonStick! is dishwasher safe. Unlike other nonstick products, cleaning TFX NonStick! products in the dishwasher does not affect the quality of the product. 

Healthier Cooking and Baking

How do TFX NonStick! products promote healthy cooking and baking?
- The completely nonstick surface of TFX NonStick! products allows you to cook and bake without adding butter, oils, or other nonstick agents to prevent foods from sticking. Eliminating greasing agents from your kitchen routine will save countless calories. Butter and oils can be used on the TFX NonStick! products, but are only needed as an active ingredient or flavoring.

Can I still use butter and oils while baking and cooking with TFX NonStick!?
- Yes, you can use butter and oils with TFX NonStick! products. However, butter and oil will only be needed as an ingredient and not as a nonstick agent. 


If my TFX NonStick! product is accidentally overheated, are there hazardous fumes?
- Practically all materials, if overheated, will emit fumes. You should never allow your TFX NonStick! products to come into contact with flames or reach temperatures above 500° F. Fumes from an overheated TFX NonStick! product are not harmful to humans or household pets with the exception of birds. Birds have sensitive respiratory systems and are susceptible to fumes in general. Please seek the advice of your veterinarian if your pet bird comes into contact with an overheated TFX NonStick! product.

Are there any health concerns associated when cooking or baking with TFX NonStick! products?
- NO! As long as you use your TFX NonStick! products with care and follow all the usage rules:

1.     Do not overheat your TFX NonStick! product

2.     Keep your TFX NonStick! products away from flames and below 500ºF (260ºC)

3.     Do not place your TFX NonStick! products directly on heating elements.

4.     Wipe the TFX NonStick! products clean after every use. Dish wash or hand wash with detergent for any particularly messy applications.

Ordering My TFX NonStick! product(s)

Can I order TFX NonStick! US Full Size, Half Size and Panini Sheet in single quantities?
- We currently only sell these products in case pack (12-pack/24-pack). These products are produced for the commercial industry and are therefore currently only sold in large quantities.  If you are interested in this product for home use, we recommend the TFX NonStick! Baking and Oven Liner Sheet, measuring 17 x 13 inches. The TFX NonStick! Baking and Oven Liner Sheet can be cut to fit the size and shape you require. 

Commercial Purchasing

Can I order a TFX NonStick! in a custom size?
- Yes, we offer custom sizes by request for all products for qualifying quantities. Please contact for more information. Please provide the name of the product, desired size and quantities.

I would like to purchase large amount of TFX NonStick products. Should I contact a sales representative?
- Yes, please contact a sales representative at if you are interested in purchasing in large quantities.

I am interested in becoming a wholesaler/distributor for the TFX NonStick! product line or product. Who should I contact?
- Please send an email to or call us at 1-888-511-4255 for information. Please provide us with the product or products you are interested in supplying your customers, your location of business and information about your company.