About TFX NonStick!

TFX NonStick! is a product line that specializes in providing the highest quality, safe non stick cooking and baking surfaces.

We sell to large international food service chains, individual restaurants, retailers and home consumers all over North America and Europe. We supply unparalleled quality products that allow you to Save Money, Save Time and Save Work. 

TFX Nonstick 

About TFX NonStick

TFX NonStick! products are manufactured and developed by Tollco AB in Sweden and imported by Engstrom Trading, LLC. for North America. TFX NonStick! products are developed and produced in Sweden using the highest quality materials and production methods. TFX NonStick! has been trusted in restaurants, bakeries, commercial kitchens and home kitchens for nearly two decades as the best and safest non stick cookware and bakeware kitchen accessories. 

We are confident that you cannot find a competitor with a better quality non stick surface. We urge you to compare our product line to any of the other PTFE/Teflon or Silicone baking products.

We would love to hear from you! Please send us your product reviews of TFX NonStick!. Also, send us a picture using a TFX NonStick! product for a chance to be featured on our facebook page and win a free TFX NonStick! product. Feedback and photos to info@TFXNonStickUSA.com.