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Gluten-Free Baking Made Easier with TFX NonStick! Baking Mat September 10 2018

Search ”Gluten-Free”, ”Gluten Intolerance” or ”Gluten-Free Baking” and you will find pages upon pages of results. Gluten-free websites, books, recipes, products, etc. are more popular than ever.

In this blog post we will explore the basics of gluten-free including, "What is Gluten", "History of Gluten", "Gluten Foods" and "How Does Gluten Effect the Body. We will also provide a few tips for gluten-free baking, while also explaining why the TFX NonStick! Baking Mat will soon be your new best friend in your gluten-free kitchen.

How Do I Keep My Sandwich from Sticking to the Panini Press? August 10 2018

If you own or intend to purchase an Electrolux HSG Panini Grill, make sure to use it with TFX NonStick! release sheets to keep your panini from sticking. 

APW Wyott PTFE Release Sheet April 25 2014

TFX Nonstick! is revolutionizing the way people use APW Wyott high speed toasters. Our APW Wyott release sheets save you time and money and are the highest quality non-stick sheets available. We make APW Wyott PTFE release sheet for several of the APW Wyott brands.

APW Wyott M-95-2 Toaster

APW Wyott M-95-3 Toaster

APW Wyott M-83 Toaster

APW Wyott M2000 Toaster