APW Wyott PTFE Release Sheet April 25 2014

It is the busiest time of day for your restaurant. Orders are already backed up. There is a line of people waiting to be seated. Just when you think this is a dream come true, your kitchen staff alerts you that the bread toaster is down: carbon build-up again!

Many of our present customers have experienced this frustrating situation before coming to us. They were using low quality Teflon sheets for bun toasters. The APW Wyott bun toasters are industrial grade equipment, using products that are durable and dependable are crucial. TFX Nonstick! has developed a product that has eliminated costly downtime and made our customers’ restaurants more efficient.

Save Time and Money

Downtime is money lost. If you have found yourself in a situation that resembles the one above, you should know that there is a better way. TFX Nonstick! is revolutionizing the way people use APW Wyott high speed toasters. Not only is unnecessary downtime effectively eliminated, but the cost of the sheets compared to others is unbeatable. Our Teflon sheets for bun toaster last for a 1000+ uses. Higher quality means the sheet last longer and saves you money. Our APW Wyott PTFE release sheets save you time and money and are better for the environment.

Made Specifically for APW Wyott Bun Grills and High Speed Bun Toasters

One reason we are so sure of our product is that we engineer our release sheets specifically with APW Wyott toasters in mind. The TFX Nonstick! release sheets follow all the guidelines and measurements recommended by the  APW Wyott brand and makes it more efficient for you. We make APW Wyott PTFE release sheet for several of the APW Wyott brands. Please contact TFX NonStick! if you do not see your toaster listed. Additional sizes available.

APW Wyott M-95-2 Toaster

APW Wyott M-95-3 Toaster

APW Wyott M-83 Toaster

APW Wyott M2000 Toaster

No Residual Taste or Smell

Some multi-use PTFE sheet products hold the smell and taste of whatever product was on the paper before. This is extremely undesirable, especially in a commercial kitchen. TFX Nonstick! toaster release sheets never retain odor or taste. If necessary, you can clean the APW Wyott release sheet very easily. You can even put them in the dishwasher!

Dependable and Durable

Our product is one-of-a-kind in North America. Other PTFE sheets are only coated a few times. We coat our sheets 5 times using “secret woven technology” for the highest quality, most durable release sheets on the market. You will not find another brand in North America that can promise their sheets will last in temperatures of up to 500 degrees and for more than 1000 uses! Only TFX Nonstick! can make that guarantee. No other PTFE release sheet can compare to the durability and dependability of TFX Nonstick!

Made in Sweden

Sweden is a leading country of top quality production. This is true because of the high standards Sweden puts on manufacturing and materials. You get the highest quality from purchasing products made in Sweden, and TFX Nonstick! is no exception.

If you want to make sure your APW Wyott toaster functions as it should without costly downtime, consider our TFX Nonstick! release sheets. We are confident that our product will increase efficiency in your kitchen.

Visit TFX NonStick! to view the full assortment of APW Wyott toaster release sheets. We have helped countless customers eliminate costly downtime and we would like to help you!