How Do I Keep My Sandwich from Sticking to the Panini Press? March 06 2014, 0 Comments

The panini sandwich is the perfect combination: toasted bread filled with meat, cheese, vegetables and any other additions the chef chooses. Made popular in Milan, Italy during the 1970s and 1980s, the panini quickly spread to trendy New York restaurants whose popularity advanced to other US cities before making their way into fast food restaurants.

The panini’s increase in popularity throughout the US is due in part to the technological advancements of professional panini grills. These panini grills allow sandwich restaurant chains to create perfectly toasted sandwiches in a fraction of the time. For example, the Electrolux Panini Press is an impressive grill, it’s able to make a perfect hot sandwich in under two minutes. These efficient grilling machines are now staples in restaurants, commercial kitchens and even grocery stores.

Electrolux HSG Panini Grill

But, how do you keep your panini for sticking to the Electrolux HSG panini press? PTFE (teflon) non-stick release sheets are used in tandem with Electrolux HSG Panini Grill to make a non stick surface for the panini press. TFX NonStick! makes custom sized release sheets to specifically fit the Electrolux HSG Panini grill. TFX NonStick! sheets are manufactured in Sweden and coated 5 times with a high-quality PTFE so you never have to worry about your panini sticking to the grill.

Countless customers have come to TFX NonStick! in search of a well priced, high-quality PTFE release sheet specifically made to fit the Electrolux HSG panini grill. There are three recurring themes about other PTFE products that customers come to TFX NonStick! to solve: high price, poor quality and bad fit.

Better Priced: In desperate need of a non stick panini sheet, some commercial kitchens ask their suppliers to create a custom PTFE sheet. This is the most expensive way to acquire these release sheets. Low volume means high prices.

  • TFX NonStick! sells large volume of several different types of PTFE release sheets custom made to fit specific panini presses. This translates into affordable pricing! We supply many major chains, including all the release sheets used by Panera Bread for their panini presses.

Highest Quality: We hear stories of other release sheets tearing when they are wiped, pulling loose from the clamps and even catching fire. But most of the time, we hear that the sheets just wear out too quickly.

  • All TFX NonStick! products are produced with the highest-quality materials in Sweden and coated 5 times with high-quality PTFE. Customers report a big difference in longevity of each sheet when they switch to TFX NonStick! Panini Grill release sheets, resulting in big cost and time savings.

Perfect Fit:  If the sheet is just a few centimeters too small, the clamps that hold them in place will not hold the sheet securely. A poor fit can lead to a short product life span, wasted time by employees constantly securing the release sheets and even damage to the sheets or sandwiches.

If you own or intend to purchase an Electrolux HSG Panini Grill, make sure to use it with TFX NonStick! release sheets. Either ask your dealer to connect with us or purchase directly from our online shopping cart.