Reusable Kitchen Products for Baking and Cooking

TFX NonStick! is a PTFE based product line that is designed to save money and time while improving results in the kitchen. TFX NonStick! is completely nonstick cookware and bakeware products that can be used 1,000+ times. TFX NonStick! products are developed and produced in Sweden using the highest standard of production and material. All TFX NonStick! products are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. You will never have to worry about transfer of taste or smell and can eliminate the use of unhealthy nonstick agents in your kitchen. Whether it is in a commercial setting or in your home, TFX NonStick! will improve your efficiency in the kitchen.

TFX NonStick! is used like products such as; parchment paper, foil, nonstick spray, Teflon® products and silicone products. However, TFX NonStick! eliminates the environmental, health and cost disadvantages associated with these products. Never again use wasteful parchment paper, environmentally destructive aluminum foil, empty calorie butter, unhealthy nonstick spray, costly silicon baking mats or other low quality nonstick products!

We have a complete product line of nonstick baking sheets, nonstick oven liners, nonstick baking mats, nonstick panini grill sheets and nonstick toaster bun release sheets. Visit our Product Catalog to learn more about TFX NonStick! products. After only one use, you will see why many top commercial kitchens around the world use our TFX NonStick! cooking and baking product line.

Save Money - Save Time - Save Work

Safe Nonstick Cookware and Bakeware ● Reusable ● Easy Clean Up ● Promote Healthy Cooking & Baking ● Improve Food Presentation ● Reduce Landfill Waste ● Highest Quality Products from Sweden

  • Use 1000+ times
  • Save Money: less expensive than silicone baking mats, purchasing 
    parchment paper or low quality release sheets over and over again
  • Save Time: nothing sticks making clean up easy
  • Save Work: improve presentation by eliminating food sticking
  • Easily cut to desired shape and size (pre-cut sizes available such as the
    Full Size Baking Sheet, Half Size Baking Sheet or Panini Release Sheet)
  • Custom sizes available
  • Safe nonstick cookware and bakeware
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Promotes healthy cooking and baking
  • No transfer of taste or smell
  • Made in Sweden for superior quality
  • FDA Approved
  • BPA & PFOA Free

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